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Life Begins After Coffee

Life Begins After Coffee

Grand Rapids takes its coffee very seriously. We have so many great coffee shops freckled throughout this city, it was almost impossible to narrow them down to my top 5. Read on to see who made the list! Also make sure to comment your go-to coffee shops below - Happy Sipping :) 

The Sparrows (Coffee & Tea & Newsstand)

The Sparrows is my absolute favorite. They offer unique drink options (plus juices), vegan baked goodies (Rise Grand Rapids), a cozy/warm atmosphere, AND books/newspapers/magazines that are available for sale.

Drink of Choice: Dirty Hairy (Soy Milk latte with Earl Grey Tea and Honey)

Why It Made the List: Favorite Curated Drink

Lyon St Café

Lyon St Café has a super welcoming atmosphere. It's all natural lighting makes it the perfect place to settle in and get work/reading/homework done. They have all of the typical drink options plus beer, wine, sandwiches, fruit trays, overnight oats (the best you will ever eat), and more.

Drink of Choice: Vanilla Latte

Why It Made the List: Favorite Atmosphere | Overnight Oats

Ferris Coffee & Nut

Ferris doubles as my go-to coffee and gift shop. They have a huge variety of packaged coffee/nuts/candy that make for the perfect housewarming gift (or just a treat for yourself). Ferris is my first choice when I want my coffee as is.

Drink of Choice: Bridge Street Revival

Why It Made the List: Favorite light roast to drink straight - no cream or sugar needed

That Early Bird

That Early Bird - formerly the Kava House - has a very welcoming atmosphere and a super fun food menu. Their Bean and Barley Bowl is to die for! 

Drink of Choice: Blood Orange Tea Spritzer

Why It Made the List: Favorite spot for when I want food with my tea/coffee

MadCap Coffee

Madcap is a signature in Grand Rapids. I feel like they were the first shop here in GR to have a modern take on the classic cup of coffee. I love subbing regular milk for their house-made coconut milk.

Drink of Choice: Nitro Coffee with Coconut Milk

Why It Made the List: House-made Coconut Milk | Specialty Seasonal Drinks

Stay caffeinated my friends!






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