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Euro Trip

Euro Trip

This Euro Trip was a huge deal for me. 1- I HATE being out of a routine/far away from home. I would take my mom and my cat with me everywhere if I could. 2- I've always felt like the only person I knew who hadn't been to Europe (so I was extremely antsy to go).

So this past January, Samee and I impulsively bought one way tickets to London and never looked back. Ha jk. But seriously, I just bit the bullet and decided I was finally going to Europe. We went to 5 different countries during the span of 2 weeks. It was incredibly exhausting but the amazing company (love you Samee!) and experiences were well worth the fast paced travel.

First stop | LONDON

We spent our first two days in London. It was nice starting in the UK because there wasn't any language barrier and it kind of felt like the US, besides the traffic going the opposite direction - that was V confusing. I didn't love it here but I also didn't hate it. I think feeling behind on sleep was a bit of a damper + I didn't really like the area we stayed in. I think if I had more time there, I would have ended up liking it a lot more! The funniest thing is that China Town was my favorite part. AND the fish n chips there were to die for.

 Second Stop | PRAGUE

OH MY PRAGUE. It's not even worth explaining how amazing it is because you really just have to see it for yourself. I would go back here in a heart beat. Luckily, we were able to pack a lot in within the two days we were there, so I didn't feel like I missed out but I definitely did not want to leave. I was a little worried about the language barrier here since czech is so hard to understand, but most everyone spoke english or could direct us to someone who could. Def get a Trdelník (3rd pic down) when you go! So so yummy.

Third Stop | FRANKFURT

Frankfurt was definitely not my favorite. This ended up being our catchup spot. We were able to regroup and get some much needed sleep.

We definitely did not do the correct research on which city to go to in Germany. While we were waiting in the airport in Prague to get to there, we were looking up things to do and came across an article saying that Frankfurt is notoriously known for being the most boring city in Germany. Whoops! 

No offense to anyone who loves it there, I think we could have figured out some cool things to see and explore but we were exhausted and didn't really have it in us. The city itself was actually pretty cool because it was European with an extremely modern twist - so weird seeing skyscrapers after having been in London and Prague!

Fourth Stop | VENICE

After leaving Frankfurt, we felt extremely refreshed and VERY excited for the rest of our trip. Venice was incredibly beautiful and we loved the place we stayed. The heart of Venice was quite touristy but I didn't mind at all considering I was a tourist myself. We did a boat tour to all 3 surrounding islands which was wonderful and I ate at least 5 baskets of bread. Will for sure want to go back to Italy and experience Florence, Rome, and the Almafi Coast.

Fifth and Final Stop | BARCELONA

I was so SO excited to get to Barcelona because that meant I got to see Sarah! AND because I've heard amazing things about Spain in general. And ohhh man it did not disappoint. I loved Spain so very much. The relaxed lifestyle there is great and the views were A+. I am obsessed with tapas and paella and aeperol spritz's so I think the food here was my favorite.  

Tips For Next Time

Spend more time in each place.

Research hostels/hotels/airbnb better as far as reviews and locations.

Plan out food/places to eat.

Pack lighter and more efficiently + leave extra room for the things you buy while you're there!

 Research types of transit ahead of time.

Spend more time doing what the locals do.

And there you have it! Sorry for the picture overload ;) It was hard to even get it down to this handful! I took at least 2,000 pictures while I was there.

If you are looking for recommendations in any of these places, I got you!

Thanks for reading. Xx,


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