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My Workout Routine

My Workout Routine

If there's one thing I can be held accountable for, that's getting my butt to the gym. I'm super diligent about getting my workouts in. A huge part of this is because the gym is therapeutic for me - it's a place I can take care of my physical AND mental health. After looking at the gym as a priority, it gradually became a part of my every day routine. When I would look at my schedule for the week ahead, I knew I had to work, sleep, eat, and workout, and then everything else would follow.

Up until a few months ago, running was my primary source of exercise. I would run 5-6 times a week, clocking around 20-30 miles. Towards the end of October, I was looking for a change and began weight training. I am by no means a pro, but I really like what it has done for my body in just the short amount of time I've been doing it. I will still run here and there, but mostly just as a warm up. So, looking at a week of my workouts, I try to weight train 3 times a week, spin twice a week, and do yoga once a week.

DISCLAIMER: This post is just to show you what my workout routine looks like - not a suggestion or a training manual.


3x/week | I am super fortunate to have a personal trainer that teaches me how to weight train properly. GwaduΓ© owns FZIQUE, a premier cycling studio here in Grand Rapids where he also offers strength training classes and personal training. On weeks my schedule is too hectic to nail down a time with G, I weight train at the Y and refer to the PWR program in the Sweat app. 

On the days I lift at the Y, I make sure to do a 10 minute warm up. I do whatever I feel like doing that day - stair climber, inclined walk on the treadmill, or sprints. I make sure to walk for 10-20 minutes after my weight training to cool down.



2x/week | I'm obsessed with spin. FZIQUE's cycling classes are 45 minutes long and give you a full body workout. The music is always changing and you almost feel like you're in a night club - easily the most fun you'll ever have doing a workout. Your first class is only $15 - you can sign up here.

If you aren't into cycling, then you can swap this out for HIIT or some other form of cardio.


1x/week | Yoga is super important for both your physical and mental health. I am not the best at stretching after working out, so this is a good way to reset my body. I prefer hot yoga - I go to Funky Buddha - but on days I can't make it to a class, I use the Sweat app and follow the "body and mind" flow by Sjana.


I don't follow this exactly as my schedule varies each week, but this is an example of what a week of my workouts might look like:

Sunday yoga | Monday weight train | Tuesday spin | Wednesday weight train | Thursday spin | Friday weight train | Saturday rest OR walk/stairclimber/HIIT


If you really don't like your gym, join a new one. Or start taking classes at a fitness studio. A lot of places offer a special fee for first timers. A change of scenery could be huge for you!

Hate cardio? Turn it into a Netflix binge. This is the easiest way to get through a run on the treadmill.

Start small. Even going for a long walk has huge health benefits. Perfect way to listen to an episode of your favorite podcast if you ask me.

Download an app. Having an app show you what to do/schedule your workouts is HUGE. Especially for someone like me that has OCD and likes everything checked off.


For those wondering . . . I am not super strict about diet but I use these numbers as a guideline. 

Calories 1,800

Macros 114g of protein | 185g of carbs | 57g of fat


Other Workout Sets I'm Loving Lately . . .

Alala from Sculptique TightsBra


Gymshark Seamless Collection Leggings Sports Bra


P.E. Nation Leggings | Crop

Thanks for reading this week! See you in the gym ;)



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