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Hey hey! I posted on my story this week asking y'all to send any questions you had about me (or about anything) my way. Figured it would be a fun way to reintroduce myself to those of you that are new around here and also to answer frequently asked questions. Thanks to all of you who participated, any other questions are welcome below in the comments section!

What do you do for a living?

Alec and I own a Social Media Agency called Creators Collective. My title is Social Media Director, so a big portion of my job is creating content for social media as well as planning out posts for all of our clients' on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest + Email Marketing and Google Business.

Where are you from?

Born and Raised here in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Except for my years at Michigan State in East Lansing, I have yet to leave GR. I am extremely antsy to move somewhere warm year-round.

Any advice for if I want to start a blog on my own? | I've been thinking about starting a blog but have no clue where to start.

Just do the dang thing. I had wanted to blog for a very long time before I finally just did it. I needed some form of creative outlet just for myself that was outside of what I do for work. I still have no idea what my niche is or what I want my main focus to be, but I'm having fun and that was the whole point. So, my best advice is to decide one what to call your website and just get it up and running. The rest will come with time, it doesn't have to be perfect from the get-go! I use SquareSpace and have found this to be the platform that works best for me - I've also heard good things about WordPress.

Do you consider yourself a fitness/wellness blogger?

I think people ask this because I post in athletic clothing and about workouts/what I eat. I would categorize myself as a "Lifestyle Blogger", so those things do fall under that category. Those topics might seem to shine through because that is what I am most passionate about right now!

Who takes your pictures?

Haha. Unless otherwise stated, Alec is a champ and takes all of my pictures. Bless his heart! Kelsey Muma took the photos I am using for this blog post!

Do you want to make a career out of blogging?

At the moment, no. It is super fun to have as a hobby but I do not have nearly enough of a following to turn this into something monetary (but maybe someday!).

How do you decide what to blog about each week?

If something is of interest to me, I consider if it would be fun to incorporate into my blog. Then I write a list out of those things and will pick one thing to create a post on for that particular week.

Is blogging an expensive hobby?

Blogging is only as expensive if you want it to be! There is definitely a lot of pressure to buy and to have what some of the bigger influencers have + to stay current, but there's no reason you would need any certain material item in order to blog. As long as you have a wifi connection and some sort of creative ability, there's really no need to spend unnecessary money on anything else.

Do you have any podcast recommendations?

I've actually been looking for new podcasts to listen to lately, so if you have any recommendations, help a girl out. One I currently have been loving is The Husband and Wife Podcast by Claire Guentz and her husband Steven Guentz. They talk about things like finances, travel, societal pressures, and other relevant lifestyle topics. Sidenote, Claire is one of my favorite instagrammers, give her a follow!

Any healthy snack recommendations?

I really love Mixed Berry or Coconut Chocolate RxBars, the best flavors in my opinion, or Cottage cheese with agave drizzled on top. I'm also really into homemade granola lately.

Do you limit your alcohol intake?

Sort of. I try not to drink during the week and will let myself have a couple of drinks throughout the weekend. I don't like to have to completely restrict myself on anything, but I don't like the way alcohol affects my body or the way it makes me feel, so it has been easier to stay away from it when I can.


That's it for this week! Hope you all have a restful weekend spent with the Mom's in your life + Happy Mother's Day to all of the mama's reading!

xx, Nicole

Photos courtesy of Kelsey Muma Photography, she is wonderful - check her out!

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