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Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH

Hi Friends & Happy Thursday!

This past weekend Alec and I made the trip to Dayton, Ohio. We spent the day Saturday exploring the city before we headed to the Victoria Theatre to see Chris D'Elia's Follow the Leader Tour.


I feel like I always need a change of scenery around this time of year, especially because it's the end of April and still feels like winter :( Even though it was cloudy while we were there, it was 65 and some of the trees/flowers were in bloom - a world's difference to all of the ice that was in Michigan!

Everyone who sent recommendations, thank you! They were very much appreciated. I thought I would make my own list of things to do in Dayton should you ever make your way there based on what Alec and I did and enjoyed.


2nd Street Public Market

A trip to a new city is never complete without visiting their market. Even if you don't intend on buying anything, it is fun to look around and see what the locals have to offer!

Agnes & Orson

We stumbled upon this gift shop when we were headed towards the Oregon District from the Market. It was super cute, the perfect place to stop for a house warming gift or treat for yourself! They even do fun workshops on the weekends.


Warped Wing Brewing

If you know me, you know I love craft beer. Warped Wing has an open, industrial atmosphere and amazing beer. If you like IPAs, get the Gamma Bomb!

The Oregon District  |  The Corner Kitchen

The Oregon District is a fun, urban area with lots of shops and restaurants. After walking around, we ended up at the Corner Kitchen for dinner - it was delicious. Aside from food . . . I'm really big on atmosphere and service when I'm dining in, and both were fantastic.

Press Coffee

Right next to my love for craft beer is craft coffee. Nothing beats the coffee we have in Grand Rapids, but Press' iced almond milk latte did not disappoint.

Luna Gifts and Botanicals

Sadly, we only had time to quickly pop our heads into Luna because we were in a rush to get to the show. Probably for the better because I would have walked out with at least two new plant babies. This place is an instagrammer's heaven, and has plenty of beautiful plants and gifts to go around. Right next door to Press Coffee.


Definitely check out some of these places if you're ever headed to Dayton!

Thanks for reading this week,


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