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Hello & Welcome!

Hello & Welcome!


If you're reading this, then THANK YOU for visiting my blog! I have been wanting to start blogging for quite some time so to have readers actually on my page is super exciting.

I decided that this year is finally going to be the year I set out to make things happen. And by things, I mean that stuff I've always been dying to do (or try) are going to either happen or at least start happening in 2018. Here is one of them! Anyone else feel like this is going to be their year!?

I love reading blogs and keeping up with all of the positivity and inspiration others feel so inclined to share. It's no wonder so many blogs have become as successful as they are. Although I do think the "blogging world" has become a little oversaturated, that certainly is not to say it's a bad thing! It's great that there is so much diversity, leaving a little something-something for everyone to read and relate to.

Here on my blog you will find a little bit of everything. Personal style, lifestyle, travel, maybe some book recommendations and a recipe or two?? For now I am just glad to have this website up and running, and I will continue to figure it out as I go.

Looking forward to seeing this grow and [hopefully] have you all be a part of it.




Valentine's Inspo

Valentine's Inspo