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My Breathwork Healing Experience

My Breathwork Healing Experience

Just last week, I attended a Breathwork Healing Circle with Sam Kalawart - you may remember her from her guest post “Body Peace” she did for me last March. She uses her expertise as a Healer and Holistic Nutritionist to bring you to a state of total body peace through 1:1 sessions, mind+body programs and group healing circles.

I have previously experienced an Energy Therapy session with Sam, so I was super excited when I had the opportunity to attend one of her Breathwork Healing Circles. A lot of you were very curious about my experience when I posted about it on my Instagram Story, so in this blog post I have made sure to cover:

  • what it is

  • its purpose

  • my experience

Anything in italics is pulled directly from Sam Kalawart’s Website in order to give the most accurate information.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork Healing is a powerful experiential session and process that allows for deep self-exploration, transformation and healing at all levels of self.

I guide you through an active meditation technique that uses a circular and connected pattern of breathing in this 90min Healing Session. It can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of dis-connect, anxiety and stress. It is a self-healing practice that is an efficient and effective way to emotionally + physically detox the body.

Most (more like, all) of us are carrying around pain, fear, trauma, and outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, which all live tucked away in our cells. Breathwork is a simple tool that supports us in finally shedding those heavy weights.

When we breathe consciously and with purpose, our energy starts to move. It flows to the places it is needed the most. Our minds quiet down and we become fully present in our bodies. Space is created between our minds and bodies, allowing us to connect to something bigger and experience a sense of peace, joy and pure being. It is an experience that feels like returning home.

Could You benefit from Breathwork?

Anyone can benefit from breathwork if:

  • You are ready for emotional release that is gently facilitated

  • You are stuck in your life, your thought patterns, or limiting beliefs about what life can be like

  • You feel difficulty in opening your heart or receiving love

  • You would like to release strong emotions like grief or anger

  • Your ready to connect to yourself on a much deeper level

  • You’re going through a major life change

  • You suffer from chronic anxiety or depression

  • You’re experiencing physical pain, lack of sleep and illness related to stress

  • You would like to experience a greater sense of peace with yourself & loved ones

  • Your feeling weighed down by others negative energy


My Experience

I was interested in trying breathwork to see if it would help my anxiety - I actually had anxiety over going to the breathwork healing circle because I had no idea what to expect - go figure. BUT luckily, I am already comfortable with Sam, so I knew going would be in my best interest.

I got to the location (this particular healing circle was held at Wealthy Studios), I laid out my yoga mat, rolled on my essential oils, and made myself comfortable with my blankets - all things she instructed me to bring! It was nice having my own stuff that made me feel right at “home”. Sam gave us CBD infused chocolates to assist in calming our nervous systems prior to the session (you can purchase CBD through her if you are interested). From there, I laid back with my eye mask and relaxed during Sam’s small guided meditation. This led straight into the breathwork - this is a specific breathing routine that Sam instructed us on before we began as well as throughout the session. I thought I might be self conscious doing this in front of other people, but 1- everyone is off in their own world focusing on their own breathing 2- we had plenty of our own space and 3- music is playing loud enough that you can’t hear the others in the room.

Going into the session, I did not think breathwork would “work” on me - what could breathing possibly do to change my physical or mental state? - but about ten minutes in, my body was tingling, my hands were numb, and I was breaking out in a cold sweat. Seriously what the heck was going on? I tried my best not to panic and let my body embrace these feelings rather than reject them. I definitely felt some sort of release - one that I can’t really explain - and was able to find comfort in the experience. The time went by incredibly quickly, and next thing I knew, we were resting in savasana.

Afterward, I felt slightly light headed from the quick breathing and a little bit foggy like I had just waken up from a nap (even though I didn’t fall asleep during the “rest” period). I slept like a baby that night, and felt incredibly refreshed the next day. It takes some people 3-4 sessions to reach a breakthrough in their healing journey as we are working through years and years of suppressed emotional energy - that being said - since this was my first time doing breathwork, I don’t think I was truly able to reap all of its benefits. I was still very happy with my experience and will 1000% go back for round 2.

To sum all of this up . . . my experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone curious about it or wanting to try it.

If you are apprehensive about trying this for your first time in a group setting, you can do your own private breathwork healing session at Sam’s Healing Space in Eastown. You can learn more and book your session here.

I highly recommend any of her services, she is an absolute gem and I am so happy to experience her guidance!

Let me know if you have any questions or feel free to reach out to her directly. You can contact her through her website or say hey to her over on her Instagram.

Xx, Nicole

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