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Updated Workout Schedule

Updated Workout Schedule


A lot has changed since my last Workout Routine blog post so I wanted to give you all an update! I am now training for a half marathon, so with that, a lot of my workouts are geared towards both short and long runs + cross training. I run 5x a week, along with weight training, yoga, and of course, Orange Theory.

During my training, I work out at least twice a day 5x a week. I do not recommend this for everybody, as you have to be very careful not to overdo it or get injured, but I have done this before and know what works right for my body, so I can confidently say this is what is right for me!

Here is what my training/cross training schedule looks like:

SUNDAY - Orange Theory

MONDAY - Hot Yoga | Run | Weight Train Chest/Tris

TUESDAY - Hot Yoga | Run | Weight Train Glutes/Hamstrings/Legs

WEDNESDAY - Orange Theory

THURSDAY - Hot Yoga | Run | Weight Train Back/Bis

FRIDAY - Hot Yoga | Run | Weight Train Shoulders/Abs


I go to Orange Theory on Sundays and Wednesdays because those are the days I'm off from running. The class does consist of treadmill work, but I can power walk rather than run or I can use the bike or strider instead.

The days I'm doing "3" workouts may look like a lot, BUT yoga acts as an hour of stretching for my body. It helps me to get through my other workouts without feeling sore or fatigued. I go to Funky Buddha in Eastown, but if I can't make it to a specific class time, I'll listen to one of their podcasts that leads you through an hour of yoga either in my backyard or at the gym.

It also may seem like a lot to weight train on the same days I run, but I actually feel so much better during my run if I also incorporate weights into my routine. During my marathon training last year, I was barely doing any cross training and had never really done any weight training. I started weight training after the race in October 2017 and since then, I have noticed a huuuuge, positive impact on my running. So this is why I choose to still do so! Plus, my run days during the week will never exceed 8 miles. My long run days (Saturdays) I focus on just my run, since it is typically between 8 and 12 miles. If I feel like I could use yoga that day too, I wouldn't rule it out.

As far as diet is concerned, I don't really have one. I am so sick of restricting myself and labeling food as "good" or "bad", so I threw counting my macros out the window and I simply eat when I am hungry. I do, however, try and pay attention to eating lots of healthy fats and protein throughout the day so that I am never low on energy and feel my best during my workouts. I also only eat foods that make me feel well afterwards. i.e. Quinoa is normally a "good" food, but it makes my stomach hurt horribly after eating it, so I know to avoid it.

PLEASE please reach out to me if you have any questions about running, exercises to try, FOOD, etc. I'd love to help and potentially gain some workout buddies!

xx Nicole

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